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Whats up everyone 5-2-11

Published October 25th, 2012 by Admin

Hey sorry I have not been on in awhile, just been busy healing up from an injury from January, been training, the US Open, and now getting ready for the Beat The Streets dual against Russia in a few days, and getting ready for trials. But a little of what has been going on. In January I wrestled in the Yarigin tournament in Russia, which is probably the biggest tournament outside of the world and olympic championships, due to the amount of russians in each weight. I was wrestling really well in the tournament and was looking to win the tournament, I reached the semis and about 40 seconds into the match I got injured and had to injury default out of the tournament down to 5th. This was not a good feeling because I trained hard for this tournament and was wrestling really well, but things happen in wrestling and now I am all healed up. I ended up wrestling in the Northeast Regional, mostly to get some matches in since I had not wrestled since being hurt, I wrestled up a weight and had two matches and won.The next tournament was the US Open which was in April in Cleveland, Ohio. I was really excited to wrestle in this tournament because it is a fun tournament to wrestle in and it felt good to get back out in competition and compete in front of fans. I won 4 matches in route to winning the US Open. I felt like I wrestled pretty well, but you can always get better in wrestling even when you win. Since then I have been getting ready for trials, and will be wrestling in this dual meet against the russians on Mat 5th. This will be a fun match to wrestle because it is on home turf and we are wrestling the Russians. I will be wrestling the guy I was wrestling in the Yarigin semis when I got hurt. So for me its a good chance to go out there and finish what I started. This will be a fun dual because you wrestle an american pretty much everyday and when you get a chance to wrestle a foreigner, especially a russian, you get to test yourself and go out there and wrestle hard. After this dual I will be going back to State College and preparing for the trials in June. Other than that, that is what I have been up to the past few months.

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